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I'm living and working in Nashville and Living with the Husband I've been dreaming of for my whole life! Sorry I've not updated this for a long time. It's nice to work for a company that allows you to be who you are, not a cookie cutter type person!

Recent Pics of My life...
Our House in Nashville, TN

We still own the farm near Woodbury,TN, however we moved into East Nashville to be closer to Josh's work for Gaylord Entertainment (think Opryland) and My job at the medical center.

BurningMan 2008!

We went on the adventure of our lives... so far... and took the road trip to Black Rock City.

This intentional community of over 53,000 in the middle of the Alkali salt flats of Nevada showed us just how much we love and care for each other. If you have to sit out a 12 hour dust storm in a resiprator, and NOT come out angry! You've really got love there!

Building Black Rock City 2008
Black Rock City @ Daytime 2008
Black Rock City @ Night 2008
A poster of BurningMan 2008 we created.